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 Is The NBA  Rigged

Another NBA season has come and gone. Another Season where David Stern and his cohorts in crime have Fixed the outcome of the playoffs. The Miami Heat which probably was not one of the top five teams in the League won the disputed Championship. Now the NBA is selling Dwayne Wade T-shirts, Shaq T-shirts, all sorts of Miami Heat Junk. Since the Playoffs ended some two weeks ago I have Not spoken to one Person who thought the playoffs were fairly officiated . A Quick recap, How many Lane Violation were called so Shaq could receive  extra Foul shots.

Does anyone have a Calculator because I loss Track. The Suspension of Jerry Stackhouse for game five. Yes it was a Hard foul , was it Worthy of a Suspension NO. Let me also remind everyone Miami got the benefit of the Cliff Robinson four game Suspension in the New Jersey series . The Phantom foul on Dwayne Wade at the End of game 5 that cost Dallas the game. The Foul Shooting  in the Final two games. Miami took 38 more Foul Shots than Dallas the last 2 games. Dwayne Wade took 46 foul shots the final 2 games alone. Dallas whole team only took 48.You want to make a NBA player a Star? Send him to the Foul line 46 times in the Final 2 games. The Game was Not designed for someone to drive the ball to the Basket Recklessly create Contact and than get the benefit of going to the Foul line . Did you realize that during the Regular season the  5 players who got to the Foul line the most were also the 5 players who had the best sales of Game Jerseys . It's All about Money.

According to different News outlets Mark Cuban ran over to David Stern after game 5 yelling at him "your F___ league is Rigged ."

I ask myself sometimes when did this first Start the Fixing of Games ? The Michael Jordan era? Maybe before, I really do Not know. At some Point making Money became more important than having a legitimate competition . 

In August we have the World Championships in Japan. The Americans have Not won a Major International tournament in six years. I have just a few questions to ask. Do you think they will call walking on Lebron James at the World Championships ? Do you think Dwayne Wade will get to the Foul line 46 times, not for 2 games but for the whole tournament. Will team USA win the tournament? How will David Stern spin this one ?

This is another point that bothers me because of David Stern & his antics the Stars of the past their accomplishments have now been diminished . How Great was Michael Jordan ? Jordan avg. 17.7 ppg. in college.  Jordan was never the Best player in the ACC & for 2 of his 3 seasons at North Carolina he was Not the best player on his Team. Was it All Hype ? Was it the Nike shoe Contract & Endorsement ? Was it David Stern & the NBA giving him every break in the World? So that they could Sell his Jersey, shoes, etc.   Jordan avg. 30 points per game in the Pros. How do you play against tougher competition & your scoring avg. go up.



Were the 2006 NBA Finals Rigged ?







It's all about the White man using the Black man & Yellow man.

The White man will tell the Black man how Great his Hero's are Lebron, Kobe, Shaq, Wade.

Then the White man gets a Yellow man across the water to make him Shoes, Jersey's , etc, for just Pennies.

The Yellow man works in Horrible conditions.

Then the White man will sell these Shoes, Jerseys, to the Black man for Hundreds of dollars.

90% of the Basketball Shoes Sold are to inner city Black Kids


Shaq never made it to the sweet 16 at LSU, but he has 4 NBA rings. Have any of those Championships been legitimate. In game 7 of the 2000 western conference finals Portland led the LA Lakers by 13 in the 4th quarter before some highly questionable calls went against Portland & there center Arvydas Sabonis, LA came back & won. In 2002 it was Sacramento's turn to get Screwed in Game 6 with Sacramento up 3 games to 2, LA went to the Foul line 27 times in the 4th quarter .The Lakers won by 4.  The officiating was so Bad that Ralph Nader wrote a letter to Stern complaining & asking for an apology. 

What gets me is they ( the NBA) gets away with it year after year. There even sports writers who go along with this Fraud. It's a Lie, a Shame, it's a disgrace Not just to the Coaches & Players who have worked there whole lives to get here But to the Millions of Fans that Love the Game.


Here are the Best of the Best. If Aliens came down to Earth & wanted to play us these would be my 10 guys.



               ALL NBA 1ST TEAM

                                                    kevin Garnett

                                                    Dirk Nowitzki

                                                     Tim Duncan

                                                     Steve Nash   

                                               Emananuel Ginobili




              ALL NBA 2ND TEAM

                                                       Pau Gasol

                                                     Tony Parker

                                                        Yao Ming

                                                      Elton Brand

                                                    Shawn Marion




Peace & Best Regards,

Thumper Newman

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