Rigged NBA


Money, Greed & the corrupt David Stern this is the story of Rigged NBA

For years the NBA has been rigging it's games. The reason ,simple to make more money. The NBA is a business. It's goal is to make as much money as possible. David Stern does not care about the quality of games or who has the best team. Stern cares about making money nothing else. During the Michael Jordan era the NBA became very profitable in selling there merchandise .It's a very complicated business ,TV ratings, ticket sales, jersey's, shoes sales. David Stern has done a good job at making the NBA profitable. But at what a cost, it is estimated that between 57% & 88% of all Americans know the NBA is Rigged. So that lives only a small percentage of manly uneducated blacks or young teens for the NBA to market there product to. Of the basketball shoes that are sold for $ 100 or more 80% are sold to inner city black kids. So what Stern does is he hypes the Black basketball player such as Dwyane Wade, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James. How does Stern hype these players ? Stern's officiating crews are very biased. They allow these players to go to the foul line endlessly.

NBA Finals Game 5 Ref Joe Crawford

 Example Lebron James went to the foul line 2.2 time per game at the 2006 FIBA World Championships. In the 2008 NBA playoffs James went to the foul line 13 times per game. Why the drastic difference Stern is selling Lebron James Jersey's and he is keeping his Sponsors happy who have James as a spokes person. These sponsors pay the NBA millions. Another example is Kobe Bryant before the 2006-2007 season Bryant changed his uniform number from 8 to 24.What other star player in his prime has ever changed his uniform number without being traded ? In 2007 Bryant's number 24 jersey became the top selling jersey. During the 2007-2008 season Bryant went to the foul line 742 times. His LA Laker team shot 275 more free throws than there opponent. Kobe Bryant was later named the NBA's MVP. It's kind of easy to connect the dots. The only problem is it's not real. Our National team which once dominated international play has not won a gold medal at a major event since the 2000 Olympics. So while David Stern is making millions selling Kobe Bryant Jersey's. American basketball is going down the toilet.

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