Ben Newman Award


Thumper Newman & son Ben Newman


"Right after the accident I decided to create an award named after my son Ben Newman. Ben was Learning Disabled and had a disorder called attention deficit. He had a very high IQ but this disorder made learning more difficult. With my moms and ex-wife Heather's help and a lot of hard work, Ben went from making Ds & Fs, to being a National Honor Society Student. Ben was the only student Labeled LD that had received this Annual Award.

Thumper Newman and son Ben

The "Ben Newman Award" is given out annually and is designed to honor one 8th grade student who is labeled LD. We try to give the award to the LD student who has worked the hardest, not necessarily making the best grades, but is given to the one who has made the most effort.


This award consists of a name plaque & a check for $500. The hope is the money will be used to further their education, but may depend on the individual need. If the student needs clothing for school or a computer, this award fund would help fulfill that need. "

                            " These Children that you spit on, as they try to Change

                             there Worlds are immune to your consultation. They are

                            quite aware of what they are going through." 

                                                                                 David Bowie


BEN NEWMAN Award Winners

2002   Mark Canady          2003   Eric Conrad       2004  Robbie Shoulders

2005   Brandi Byrd            2006   Lanque Hunter   2007  Heather Altman

2008   Natasha Brown       2009   Terrian Sharp    

2010   Abigail O'Neal & Charlene Anderson

2011 Judith Zeldon


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