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I love to take a photograph
So mama don't take my kodachrome away

Paul Simon

 thumper newman playing the piano

Thumper Newman playing the piano.



thumper newmanand friends

Lina, Thumper Newman, Erica, Giedra.



Thumper Newman and Sister Bernice

Thumper Newman and Sister Bernice.




Thumper Newman in front of a fireplace.




Thumper Newman and son Ben.



 Thumper Newman

Thumper Newman



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To  my Mom, sometimes you drive me Crazy, but you have always been there for me, Thank you for All that you have done and All your Love and Kindness.

To my Dad, I learned so much from you, Sports, Business, so many things about Life, the Things that  one needs to succeed. Most of All you Taught me to always get up after I was Knocked Down. 

To my Sister Kimberly Anne Newman " Sissy" the famous lawyer, your success & spirit always gave me confidence. I'm very Proud of you & the person you are. 

 To Sister Bernice, my teacher & friend you have inspired me more than you will ever know. Heaven has a special place for you. 

To Big Apple Bagel, Food Lion 196, Food Lion 592, Food Lion 703, Martins 776, Food lion 2022, for the more than 8 million pounds of food you have donated in the past 10 years.

To Unis, Margaret, Tommy, Randy, Colin, Winston, John The real Bad Dude, Leah, Ben, Virginia, Cassie and all my volunteers, the living proof Baptist Church New Town and the College of William & Mary.

To all my friends in Eastern Europe & Russia, the Far East, All my  J-1 Friends don't give up, don't ever give up. We are as one my comrades and we will see each other again.

To my thousands of fans & supporters, Lets continue to enjoy life & prosper while keeping the Faith & reaching out to our fellow man & the World Will Be a Better Place.


Thumper Newman


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