2010-2011 NBA MVP


Dwight Howard has been named the 2010-2011 NBA MVP

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic has been named the 2010-2011 NBA MVP by thumpernewman.com. Howard who ranked 1st in blocks (186), 1st in Dunks (227),2nd in the NBA in rebounds ( 14.3rpg ),  3rd in FG% (60%), 9th in ppg (23),  Dominated the paint like few  before him. Howard is listed @ 6'11" 265 lbs & was born on December 8, 1985, ( 25 years old). Howard by far has more impact on the defensive end of the court then any other player in the game. This allows the Magic to put a much smaller, more athletic & skilled team on the floor around him. On the offensive end Howard's 60% fg% makes double teams almost a certainty. Howard has developed a right & left hand hook shot as well as a short bank shot. Dwight Howard's athletic ability is on par with the best big men the game has ever seen. Howard has a 39 inch vertical leap, which is stunning for someone his size. In 2008 Howard won the NBA Slam Dunk contest ,becoming the largest player ever to win the award. Howard's biggest draw backs are his free throw shooting , Howard missed 470 free throws this past season (.596% ) & Turnovers (279) 3rd highest in the NBA.

Over the past ten years I have declared that Dirk Nowitzki was one of the best players I have ever seen. Dwight Howard is clearly better. There is not another player in the league that Dominates Dirk Nowitzki the way that Howard does. Although not nearly the complete ball player that Nowitzki is by no means. Howard is so far Superior to Nowitzki in size strength & athletic ability. Howard can post Nowitzki up & score on him like he was a girl. Howard is twice as Strong. Howard can jump twice as high as Nowitzki .Howard is quicker & faster. Howard has so destroyed Nowitzki at times I have thought if you had two Dirk Nowitzki they would not be as good as one Dwight Howard.

In there last 8 head -head meetings Nowitzki has avg 21.7 ppg 6rpg 44%fg while Howard 29.0 18.1rpg 63%fg ,

On December 21st 2010 Howard had 26 points & 23 rebounds to Nowitzki 17 points & 8 rebounds. Although Nowitzki only guarded Howard for a short time. Howard scored on him at will  6 possession in a row Orlando got the ball low to Howard & he scored 6 straight times. Nowitzki seemed to Coward under Howard's Superior frame calling for teammates to come help him double team Howard.




Joining Howard on the all NBA first team are

 Pau Gasol of the LA Lakers,

Zach Randolph of the Memphis Grizzlies ,

Kevin Durant of the Okalahoma City Thunder

 Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs.


Howard fights for position with Chris Bosh


Most Valuable Player

2010-2011 Dwight Howard 22.9ppg 14.9rpg

2009-2010   Dirk Nowitzki 25.0 ppg 7.7 reb.

2008-2009   Dirk Nowitzki   25.9 ppg  8.3rpg

2007-2008   Kevin Garnett 18.8 ppg  9.2 rpg

2006-2007   Dirk Nowitzki    24.6 ppg  8.9 rpg

2005-2006   Dirk Nowitzki    26.6 ppg  9.0 rpg

2004-2005   Dirk Nowitzki    26.1 ppg  9.7 rpg

 2003-2004   Kevin Garnett   24.2 ppg 13.9 rpg

2002-2003   Dirk Nowitzki    25.1 ppg  9.9 rpg

                                                               2001-2002   Tim Duncan     25.5 ppg  12.7 rpg

                                                              2000-2001   Tim Duncan     22.2 ppg  12.2 rpg


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