Food Delivery Schedule




Monday:    Avalon Battered women's Shelter, Living Proof Baptist Church    3:30- 5:00pm

 Tuesday:         Blaynton  Building    9:30am

 Wednesday:    Baptist Church Magazine Drive    8:30am, New Hope Road Projects    9:00am, Lafayette Square Projects    10:00am

Thursday:    Burnt Ordinary Projects    9:15am

Friday:    Living Proof Baptist Church    3:30-5:00pm

Saturday:    Highland Park    10:00am

Sunday:    Forest Glenn    9:30am

 Closed  Christmas Day

About My Volunteers

I have between 15 & 20 people that help me each week.
These are the unsung Hero's of AGFB.
They give between 2 - 8 hours of their time each, every week.
They are Kind, Gentle, Respectful & Caring.
They come from there Work.
They come from the College.
They take time from there Busy Lives.
They do Not get Paid for what they do.
It is All straight from there Heart
And I Love Each & Every one of them.

Sister Bernice

Volunteers from the College of William and mary

Thmper Newman would like to acknowledge the volunteers that assist that help with the A Gift From Ben food charity.


Volunteers for A Gift From Ben Food Charity


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